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Upcoming Events

Spirituality for Real Life

A 5 Week Course on Intuition and Energy Practice, held at Vancouver yoga studio, Ocean and Crow, 1707 grant street

Whether or not we have a religious faith, spirituality is a part of all of us. Through an experience of illness, upheaval, or even profound joy, we can be left with the sense that there is something bigger than us, a force beyond what the mind can understand and yet are at a loss of how to integrate this into our everyday lives. We may feel called to inner healing work through yoga, energy work, or other somatic practices, or we may simply crave a deeper understanding of intuition but don’t have the steps to get there. Join Master healer, Reiki practioner, and energy worker Jacqui Willcocks in a 5 week course that will give your spirit a place to land and practical tools to help you find your own way to work with intuition and energy healing in your own life. We will explore yoga, meditation, journaling, and collective energy healing practices to connect with our spirit, our ancestors, and true healing for our real lives. Together, we will create a protective container to delve deeply into the empowering ways we can understand and support ourselves spiritually–and have some fun doing it!

You will learn

  • How to develop and maintain a personal spiritual practice
  • How to develop and trust your intuition
  • How to work with your inner child and shadow self
  • How to work with intention
  • How to work safely with your own energy practice
  • Clearing techniques

Please click the link below for all other information and registration.

Journey to Glastonbury

A 7 day healing retreat to reclaim your magic

This summer, join Jacqui, Natasha and Jenn for a sacred experience, a 7-day healing retreat in Glastonbury, England.

Journey to the Sacred Heart of Somerset in Glastonbury, a place people have been gathering for centuries to replenish themselves physically and spiritually. Dive into the heart chakra of the world, and raise your vibration by connecting to the Michael-Mary ley lines, the most powerful ley lines on Earth. Nourish yourself in the healing waters of the Red and White Springs and see above and beyond what the mind can understand at the top of the Glastonbury Tor.

A long time ago, we lived in a world steeped in magic that gave us great power in the many roles we assumed as the Healers and the Elders, the Artists and the Lovers, the Priestesses and the Wisdom Keepers, the Mothers and the Midwives. But as the world changed,  people feared this power and our connection to each other. Many of us had to hide our magic, losing a sacred part of ourselves. Literally and symbolically, we were forced to ignore our initiations, disconnect from our practices and deny our magic. Some of us lost our lives in the process. Encoded in our cells and in the tapestry of our unfolding, a promise was made that we would travel to a time and a space in which we felt safe enough to heal and to reclaim our magic, permanently reconnecting to our power and standing in the truth of who we are.

That time is now.

The call and response to Glastonbury this summer will deepen our awareness to our mystical and alchemical gifts and offer our upgrade to the original human and collective grid.

This will truly be a time to remember and to choose yourself and your magic again and again. And while pilgrimage is ultimately an inner journey of the heart, sometimes we must step away from our day-to-day life for a little while, to travel to sacred places and magical spaces to reconnect, to do the inner work we’re ready to do in the company of like-hearted souls and with the loving Gaze of the Goddess, the Priestess, the Sorceress, the Fey and all the other Magical Beings waiting for us there.

Through movement classes, mala making, ceremony and sacred sharing circles reclaim the truth that you are magic!

Click the link below for more details and registration.