Spirituality for a changing world - jacquiwillcocks.com
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Spirituality for a changing world

Join Master healer, Reiki practioner, and energy worker Jacqui Willcocks in a 5 week course that will give your spirit a place to land and practical tools to help you find balance and peace in this changing world. You will discover your own way to work with intuition and energy healing in your life through grounded spiritual practice and inner development. Through self inquiry, meditation, journaling, and collective energy healing practices We will connect with our spirit, our ancestors, and true healing for our real lives.

The Details:

The January – February 2021 session of Spirituality for a Changing World has been postponed while Jacqui attends to some personal matters. Please email to connect, and discuss her next session at jw@jacquiwillcocks.com if interested.

We are the ones we have been waiting for


Jacqui is a Holistic Energy Therapist and has been teaching Yoga and movement for over two decades. She believes that there are many facets to our health and well being and draws from a wealth of lived experience for her offerings. She is a Reiki Master, learned in GeoTran Energetic field psychology and has studied with teachers from many diverse spiritual paths. She has helped her clients clear energy from trauma, connect to narratives from past lives in order to let them go, rebalance chakras, and tap into wisdom from one’s ancestors to help us understand our lives today. She facilitates healing experiences that uplift and empower you to experience who yourself in a truer and kinder way. Whether in a yoga class, a retreat or a one-on-one 1 personal session, Jacqui will help you connect more deeply to your heart, body and spirit.

Whether or not we have a religious faith, spirituality is a part of all of us. We have all been through incredible challenges and upheavals in the past year and we can be left with the desire to know that there is something bigger than us, a force beyond what the mind can understand and yet are at a loss of how to integrate this in a meaningful way into our everyday lives and get the support we crave. Together, we will create a protective and potent container to delve deeply into the empowering ways we can understand and support ourselves energetically and spiritually–and have some fun doing it!

You will learn

  • How to ground yourself
  • How to work with energetic boundaries
  • How to develop and maintain a personal spiritual practice
  • How to work with your inner child and shadow self
  • How to clearly set with intention
  • Clearing techniques
  • And so much more!

“Thank you for your generous and gentle leadership in your course. It has

has helped me to take the first steps I hope to break out of the Covid caused stagnation and lack I was experiencing.

Thank you for your wisdom.”