Sacred Boundaries -
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Sacred Boundaries

To be honest, this Energy update has been really difficult for me to write, I’ve been doubting my intuition, and letting my inner critic give me a hard time. Thankfully, even inner critics get bored, and doubt isn’t quite as compelling as tenacity. So here I am, showing up imperfectly, committed to seeing this letter through.

We know little, but that we must trust in what is difficult is a certainty that will never abandon us; it is good to be solitary, for solitude is difficult; that something is difficult must be one more reason for us to do it. It is also good to love—love being difficult. Love is perhaps the most difficult task given us, the most extreme, the final proof and text, for which all other work is preparation.

-Rilke to his young poet

Two main themes are coming up for December, one being to Trust your inner knowing and the other, Boundaries. As I write this I have to laugh at myself, of course self doubt would come up as the opposite/opposition to the energy I was intuiting! To learn about inner wisdom we must face where and how we doubt ourselves,  walk through the fires where we betray ourselves by denying our inner truths, and we must open to forgiveness so that we might learn from our mistakes.

Boundaries allow us the time and space to listen to ourselves, saying no to the things that distract us, so we can sit patiently with our process. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like to wait, and patience is a major practice for me. To slow down, I must let go of control, and I must let go of control to allow real intimacy with my inner knowing to unfold.

Trusting inner knowing is a big deal, it means trusting your gut regardless of what your family or trusted friends tell you, it means listening to your intuitive nudges and following them.

It mean being the leader of your own life, even when it means walking it alone sometimes.

Real freedom does not mind limitations and is in fact, not limited by them. Boundaries make freedom possible by clarifying what must be worked with, not just personally and transpersonally, but interpersonally.Since everything-everything!- exists through relationship, it is crucial that we learn to work well within relationship, both with others and with our own needs, states, and identity.This work is not possible if our boundaries are not clearly delineated and skillfully maintained.

– Robert Augustus Masters, PHD

There is nothing more empowering than showing up for yourself, and sharing who you truly are with the world. I personally believe that diversity is strength, and we cannot be diverse if we are afraid to be different from one another.

In order to hear our own truth, boundaries are needed, sometimes we must withdraw and turn our focus in. Into our own hearts, and onto our own issues.

True wisdom isn’t something we find in another person or place, regardless how good their intentions may be. The only one who knows what is right for you is you, your true wisdom is right inside of you, and will always be in support of your growth, not against it.

December is offering us the opportunity to define what supports and sustains us so we can return to the deep nourishment of our inner wisdom. What do we need to feel secure so we can fully express who we are and have the freedom to be ourselves?

What boundaries can we set in place to honour the relationship with our inner voice during a time of year that can be very demanding of our time? Can we remember that we are worthy of it?

I would love to hear how this energy is showing up for you, drop down to the comments and let me know! What does your inner wisdom have to share with you?

Wishing you all spaciousness and peace as we move towards solstice, and the new light that it brings. 

With love,


  • MarcyLuna Carlyn
    Posted at 02:59h, 06 December Reply

    This post SO spoke to me, Jacqui. The two themes, trusting one’s inner knowing and boundaries. Oh yes. Plus I really liked and totally relate to the part about patience, because that is a huge thing for me… Thank you dear friend and teacher.

  • Shelley Pelech
    Posted at 03:52h, 07 December Reply

    Your writing propelled me again to Jane Grayson’s “The Fragrant Year”. The fragrances for Sagittarius, she writes, are ginger and frankincense. Ginger’s “warmth and courage understands vulnerability. … This great friend to mankind will stimulste the flow of digestive juices, reduce excessive moisture, ease pain and raise body temperature.” Breathe in the nourishment of ginger, and breathe out deep seated fears, Grayson advises. “I trust my body”, is ginger’s meditation.
    Thanks for bringing the warmth of insights to counteract the cold of the season!

  • Maya Walsh
    Posted at 04:29h, 07 December Reply

    I love winter and this month especially because although our culture makes this season about distraction and escape (shopping, bright lights, sugar, alcohol excessive socializing etc.) I found that this is the perfect time to follow earths lead and get down and quiet. And although I feel the pull to participate in madness from the expectations of others it’s a great time to practice listen to what I know I need and setting the boundaries. No. That is not what I want. No. That is not in my higher or best interest. Teaching my daughter too that while the beauty of the season is explored externally what we really want to cultivate is sanctity in our space, bodies, rituals and our exchanges of energy with others.

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