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Shift in perspective

Hello everyone,

I wanted to check in mid month and see how you were all doing and to share with you how I’ve been working with this month’s theme CREATE. When the theme came through in meditation and prayer, I was skeptical, because logically, it made no sense. It’s October! The time of year when things begin to die, compost and go into hibernation for winter. Creation makes sense in the spring with the new blooms and rebirth but the fall? I wasn’t so sure. Thankfully, the energy of Spider was sure. Something I’ve learned about working with inner guidance is that its like any relationship, better with trust.

This month is challenging us to look clearly at the old and dated perspectives, so we can choose to create a new one, or not! The way this theme has been showing up for me is like this, HEAVY. I was feeling more anxious and uptight as though I was dragging myself through the day. My relationship with my husband felt strained, like we had no time or energy for each other and the house looked like a tornado blew though it. I was feeling exhausted and on top of that there was no gas in the car and our hot water got shut off because of some construction happening in our basement! I was sensing a theme here but also pretty invested in my old perspective to realize that something was trying to get my attention. My fear was putting a pretty persuasive case forward, and I was totally buying in. Last week I woke up from a dream and realized so clearly that the perspective that was coming up for me to work with was LACK, and I started laughing. That’s how I know I’m on the right track, when we bust an ego program its delightful! And now, knowing what I was working with, I could get to work and begin to shift my perspective.

My investment in LACK was coming up loud and clear to be worked with and shifted so the new energy of ABUNDANCE and could begin to come through, and ABUNDANCE is an energy I want to invest in! It’s not about making lack wrong- rejecting an energy doesn’t make it go way, but I am willing for it to teach me how to grow beyond it. So, I’m curious, what is the energy you are most longing to bring forward in your life? What deep down in your bones feels right and true and nourishing?

When we are about to expand it is in our nature to balance with a contraction. Can we remember that there is something bigger holding us as we change? The web of life is bigger and vaster and more complex and beautiful then our human minds can even begin to comprehend, Spider reminds us that we are weaving a new world together. She is inviting us to perceive it and make it real in the world thread by beautiful thread.

Every year, about 98% of your atoms are replaced

You were born

Like born with 300 bones

And when you get to be an adult you’ll only have 206


You need to grow up

You need to grow out of things

When something doesn’t belong, even your body knows when it’s time for that thing to be


-Tank and the Bangas


We need to grow, its part of the deal of being human and alive in these times!

If you resonate with this letter drop me a message in the comments below or email me, I would love to hear what you are working with! You may also notice that I have a link to my new services page. I’m very excited to offer 1 on 1 intuitive healing and coaching sessions at a slight discount for the remainder of 2018. If you have been feeling called to work with me this is a great opportunity to do so. What is the next experience you are calling into your life?

Let it be worthy of you.

Dream well beautiful weavers,




1 Comment
  • Shelley E R Pelech
    Posted at 22:32h, 23 October Reply

    Very resonant. I just read Louise Gluck’s poem in her collection “Averno” about autumn’s being a death breath, yet “beloved life” being of a piece with it. Thank you for your respect for intuition, for dreams, for questing — all of which serve to keep humans sane and connected. Spider webs and world wide webs are woven from the same sunlight., and how would we know abundance if we haven’t known lack?

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