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October: CREATE

Welcome to my monthly news letter and thank you from the bottom of my heart for being here. My intention for these letters is to intuit a collective energetic theme for each month for you to work with individually. Currently I am sitting at my desk listening to the soft pattering of rain outside. The clouds are heavy and dense, spiders are busy weaving their beautiful intricate webs across bushes, doorsteps and in my case, even over a bookshelf!  As I begin to open to the energy of October, Spider, the great weaver energy is there speaking to me. She is telling me the energy is not here to play small, in fact, I think it wants us to play big. The word for the month of October is CREATE.

Whether we are conscious of it or not, we are in constant co-creation with life. It’s a bit of a paradox because as we do have control over the decisions we make, (the relationships we nurture or not, the directions we choose,) life moves and shakes us through different experiences, reminds us that it is so much bigger than us and that we are not in control at all! We sit somewhere in the middle of this dance, in charge of creating how we perceive our experience.

We Perceive through our ability to see, hear and feel. As we become more aware of our feelings through body awareness or become more sensitive to the plight of the world through our technology it can be tempting to numb or shut down these senses as the world and its problems get increasingly complex, but in this complexity is also the invitation of these times, the invitation to be willing to change our long held perspective of how things should be, to how they could be. To Expand and grow.

If you watch young children, their posture is upright, their upper chests are mostly vertical, and they move from their core, their coeur, their courage. They are open and sensing everything, they see widely and feel deeply. They are drinking in life and are open to all it offers, and they grow, fast!

We are all born and would likely stay this way until circumstances beyond our control cause us pain, fear and isolation. The early perspective that saw the world as a safe place for opportunity and growth will alter and begin to shift into something we design to keep us from getting hurt. Maybe we develop a fear of intimacy or a fear of taking risks, maybe we take the power to create out of our own hands and give it to someone else. This is a completely human and natural reaction to pain and fear, we do the best always with what we know at the time. But as time goes on we find that we have out grown those perceptions, and rather than doing us a favour, they begin to feel restrictive, rather then keeping us from pain, they cause us pain.

As our senses become more awake and aware they begin to call us to a deeper truth and when we tell ourselves the truth, we come out of hiding. I think that life wants us to come out of hiding from who we are and become the creators we have the potential to be. I believe we are all creators and that creativity is not limited to a special few, but available to all of us in our own unique way. There are infinite ways to perceive ourselves and our lives and what would it take to CREATE a more empowering, kind beautiful perspective?

This is what I define as miraculous, not only the power to choose who we want to be and how we want to live but to actually take that perception out of us an into the world, where dreams are not just in our heads but in our tangible reality. Its big and bold magic holding out her hand to each of us.

So dear ones, if we take our lives gently into our own hands and recognize it as the gift it is, what is it asking us to CREATE? What new perception is just waiting to be born in you and through you? Will you say yes to spider and her teaching as we weave a new reality together?

I think we have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for being here, wishing you all a beautiful October, and please share your thoughts with me. I would love to hear what perceptions are shifting for you and what gifts the month brings.  




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