A Solstice ritual  - jacquiwillcocks.com
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A Solstice ritual 

Seeds need the darkness to germinate. Before they can grow into food that nourishes us there is a time of quiet and stillness. This is much like the energy of the Winter solstice. Use this dark time as an opportunity to plant the metaphorical “seeds” that you want to cultivate in the new sun cycle, (from now until June 2021.) This is a time to dream, imagine, and feel into what you want to experience. What is of vital importance to you? What do you want to have more of? What are you no longer willing to give your energy to? Set aside some time to talk about them, paint them or write them, you may want to move them in your body or share them with the sky.

Everyone has there own style when it comes to communicating with their longing. However you connect in with your dreams, DO it. And when you feel complete, imagine it as an incredible and potent seed, imagine this seed being planted by your loving hands deep into your psyche, deep into your heart of hearts, and cover it with the fecund soil of the darkness, trusting that it will germinate, and bloom in its time. This is an act of love and faith, and it reminds you that you have the power you to direct your attention in a way that serves your highest vision. You are worthy of this gift, you are loved. 

May this winter solstice bring you into the bright fire of your heart,

All the blessings,


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