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I want you to know that I think you are perfect, just the way you are. I think that we can fight so hard to be more than. I think we are enough. I think that as soon as we allow ourselves to be just as we are we soften, that soft also means expansive, that taking up space is a good thing.  You have a body that is your sacred ground, and it’s time we get more comfortable there. Your imperfections, scars and injuries aren’t something to hide away, they are to be brought into the conversation, and in fact I would say they are the conversation.  They are life speaking to you in its oldest language though our most intimate companion, our bodies. It’s time to reclaim the body, reclaim our sacred ground, to move it, hold it, dance with it, listen to it and  grieve with it, maybe even allow ourselves to LOVE it. I think it’s time to end the war, to set down our sharp knives and begin planting seeds, to give our energy to what makes us sing because there will be no better time and you will not be more ready. I want you to know that I think you are worth it. You are worth your attention. You are worth the ride, and the ride is just waiting in anticipation for you to get over the ‘why you’re not good enough’ and hop on already.


Jacqui has been a teacher in the Vancouver community since 2011. Yoga is a love affair of her two main passions, the movement of physical and energetic body and the relationship to the inner world.  She has been studying and practicing Energy work and Yoga for over 15 years and comes from a professional Dance background. Her classes are warm, physically dynamic and designed with the intention of giving students the space to be themselves and cultivate body awareness and acceptance. She is the proud mother of two beautiful children and advocates body positivity in women and girls.


Jacqui offers private energy healing sessions, public yoga classes and one on one yoga therapy/ coaching



Welcome to my monthly news letter and thank you from the bottom of my heart for being here. My intention for these letters is to intuit a collective energetic theme for each month for you to work with individually. Currently I am sitting at my......





Stretch Yoga Vancouver
180 E. Pender
Hatha Yoga, Wednesdays at 10am

Power Flow, Fridays at 12pm



Dunbar Heights United Church
3525 West 24th Ave
Fridays at 9:30am


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