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Are you looking for a deeper connection to your purpose? For more meaning in your life?

I believe we’re born with everything we need to live the answers to those questions.
Often, we need help to remember
that we have the capacity to create a life that is nourishing and satisfying.  

It’s natural to get confused or lose our way,
and vital to have support to help find center again.

I hold a deep reverence for life and it’s natural unfolding
and believe that we unfold too and can choose to do so in a more joyful, gracious way.  

I can hold space for your growth and healing,
helping you clear the rubble from your path, so you can walk it more easily.  

To let yourself unfold is to enter the mystery deep in the folds
of who you think you are and create from that space.

When you change what’s inside, you change what’s outside.

What are you ready to unfold?



I am learning how to be selfish, for love. I am learning to put myself in the center of my life, I am learning how not to depend on others happiness to determine my own. This is a fight, it is a choice and it......

The ability to turn your face towards home is one of the great Human endeavours and the great Human story.   -David Whyte Home, please come home. My deepest soul longing is to know I’m home. This goes beyond having the right house, car, or......

Welcome to my monthly news letter and thank you from the bottom of my heart for being here. My intention for these letters is to intuit a collective energetic theme for each month for you to work with individually. Currently I am sitting at my......

To be honest, this Energy update has been really difficult for me to write, I’ve been doubting my intuition, and letting my inner critic give me a hard time. Thankfully, even inner critics get bored, and doubt isn’t quite as compelling as tenacity. So here......

Hello everyone, I wanted to check in mid month and see how you were all doing and to share with you how I’ve been working with this month’s theme CREATE. When the theme came through in meditation and prayer, I was skeptical, because logically, it......





Stretch Yoga Vancouver
180 E. Pender
Hatha Yoga, Wednesdays at 10am

Power Flow, Fridays at 12pm



Dunbar Heights United Church
3525 West 24th Ave
Fridays at 9:30am


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